Truro resident fears dog thieves may be in the area following suspicious activity

  Posted: 30.07.20 at 12:33 by Kurt Robson

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A Truro resident who would prefer to stay anonymous has spoken out after fearing that dog thieves may be in the area.

The resident was approached by a man who seemed very interested in their dog and upon returning home they found chalk marks on their drive sign.

“I imagine the dog mappers are in the area again,” they wrote on social media.

The chalk has reportedly been the symbol used by ‘dog mappers’ to alert others that there is a dog at the property.

There have been recent reports of other places around the country ‘on edge’ after finding chalk outside their homes - although it is not fully clear that it has been linked to dog thieves.

The annoymous resident stated that their friend had been subject to this similar activity before lockdown.

"Back just before lockdown my friend had them knocking on the door one evening with the excuse that they would be doing some work for her neighbour and then taking a huge interest in the dog, is he friendly, does he bite, will it worry him when we are in the garden.

"After they left she went next door to ask them about it only to be told that they had no idea about any work.

"When she went back into her garden there was an X outside her gate on the pavement."

The resident has said they have reported the activity to the police.

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