Man arrested in Truro after coughing in Tesco staff members faces

  Posted: 26.06.20 at 14:19 by Kurt Robson

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Truro police arrested a man in Truro after he coughed in staff member's faces in Tesco.

Simon Danning, 36, of Edgcumbe Avenue, Newquay, was charged with common assault x 2 plus a public order offence.

The incident is said to have taken place at Tesco, Garras Wharf, Morlaix Avenue, Truro.

Truro police wrote on social media, saying:

"Officers at Truro arrested a man on Friday who entered a premises, and whilst being abusive to staff coughed in their faces and made COVID comments to shoppers.

"He was arrested, and over the next 24hrs, at least 9 officers played small parts in ensuring he was charged and sent to Court.

"He was committed to prison for sixteen weeks on Monday."

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