Threemilestone playground the subject of vandalism as council reconsiders opening parks

  Posted: 30.07.20 at 11:15 by Kurt Robson

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Threemilestone residents are speaking following vandalism at their playground.

Kenwyn Parish Council released a statement today revealing they had found the newly implemented hand sanitiser station smashed up.

The same vandalism happened at Shortlanesend playground.

The council said they now need to reconsider its position of whether replace the hand sanitiser stations or close the parks completeley.

In the statement they said:

"A lot of your money has been spent on achieving this and ensuring you and your families stay safe from Covid-19.

"We visit the parks at least three times a week to clean and sanitise all the play equipment and we have provided Sani Stations which we regularly refill so users can sanitise their hands.

"We have to now weigh up whether to spend more of your money on replacing these items knowing they will probably end up the same way or to just remove play equipment and close the parks.

"Until we reach that decision please ensure you now take your own hand sanitiser to the parks."

One resident responded to the statement, saying: "Why can’t people just appreciate the help that is being provided or just leave things alone."

Another resident stated: "So so sad. The few spoiling it for the many."

The council will be checking the CCTV today.

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