Local film director launches fund to save Truro's Plaza Cinema

  Posted: 16.10.20 at 11:08 by Joseph Macey

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Local filmmaker Henry Davies has responded to the news that the future of Truro’s independent cinema, Plaza Cinema, Truro, is under threat by launching a Just Giving community fundraising campaign.

In a heartfelt statement released 6th October, WTW Cinemas thanked everyone who has supported the cinema and detailed the impact that COVID-19 has had on this much loved, independent entertainment business.

WTW Cinemas celebrated being formed 75 years ago in June and while the last few months have presented huge challenges, the cinema is treasured by many Truro residents.

Staff have encouraged purchasing tickets as gifts and popcorn to take home, but the combination of limited new releases and strict social distancing measures which limit numbers has severely
impacted sales.

The Plaza’s statement was hot on the heels of the announcement that Cineworld took the hard decision to close its venues’ doors.

Shocked and saddened that the likelihood of localised lockdowns was increasing and recognising the impact that this would have on Plaza Cinema, Truro resident Henry took action.

Henry Davies

"The Plaza is such an important part of life in Truro we can't afford to stand by while it struggles against this hostile CV19 trading environment. It's a place of joy, a place for tears of laughter and
sadness, a place for young and old. The magic of seeing a film with friends and family on the big screen still exists and many Truro residents appreciate the Art Deco gem that we have on our doorstep," says Henry Davies, local resident and independent film director.

On Sunday 11th October a Just Giving campaign was launched on Twitter and by Monday 10% of the £10,000 target had been reached, despite no official announcement.

"Who in Truro hasn't enjoyed a night at the pictures in the Plaza? I’m delighted at the positive response so far. I hope that generations to come will be able to share that experience and for the price of a ticket and a bag of sweets each, we can help make that happen.

"I really hope that people make a donation and that together Truro can help protect the Plaza and secure its future for the next generation of film fans," says Henry.

You can donate via quick links posted to Truro Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page and local networking hour TruroHour on Twitter by following the #TruroHour hashtag to find the page.

Or you can find the campaign here.

This campaign has not been requested by or endorsed by Plaza Cinema, Truro

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