Coronavirus update: UK could see 49,000 cases a day by 13th October, government advisers say

  Posted: 21.09.20 at 11:31 by Kurt Robson

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Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Officer, has warned that the UK could see 49,000 daily cases of coronavirus by mid-October if infections continue to rise how they have been.

In a Downing Street briefing today, Mr Vallance showed a graph which showed a prediction of what the virus could look like in the UK next month.

Mr Vallance stated that the UK is in a good position for vaccine supply.

The scientific officer said it was "possible that some vaccine could be available in small amounts later this year."

Professer Chris Whitty said the country will be in a "very difficult situation" if we do not change the statistics course.

He summarised the impacts of the disease for the UK as:

• Direct Covid-related deaths
• The NHS being potentially overwhelmed by a huge spike
• If the NHS has to spend large proportions of time treating Covid cases, it will lead to a reduction in other treatments and preventative medicine – and so potentially more health impacts and deaths from other causes
• Significant impacts on the economy, social welfare and mental wellbeing.

Professor Whitty explained that there are good reasons why this situation is not about the freedom to take individual risks.

He said: “The problem with a pandemic is that if I as an individual take increased risks, the risk to everyone around me is increased and eventually the chain will lead to someone who is vulnerable.”

In a way to change this course, Whitty said people must "break unnecessary links between households".

The number of virus cases are currently doubling every week.

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