"This is not on": Truro and Falmouth MP responds after reports of people breaching lockdown rules

  Posted: 22.05.20 at 15:38 by Joe Macey

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The Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth has responded after reports were brought forward of people breaching lockdown guidelines advising them to "go home now and come back later."

Cherilyn Mackrory put the warning out on social media after it was brought to her attention that there were a number of caravans and camper vans parked up and stayed the night on the north coast - particularly in Perranporth.

Cherilyn Mackrory said:

"Let me be clear, this is not on. These people are breaking lockdown rules which prohibit overnight stays away from your primary residence and the police have powers to fine them and send them home.

"My message to you is this. This irresponsible and dangerous behaviour risks the health and wellbeing of our coastal communities with a second peak of Coronavirus.

"You might have come down to catch a wave on our north coast but what you are doing is risking a dangerous second wave of Coronavirus that could be life-threatening for you and the people in the places you are visiting. Go home now and come back later, when it is safe to do so."

Credit: Cherilyn Mackrory

Since the reports of people staying overnight, Cherilyn says she has spoken to the Prime Minister’s Office and the local police to highlight the issue of overnight stayers.

Cherilyn added:

"They are keen to know more and have assured me there will be early morning patrols going ahead over the bank holiday weekend to catch offenders in the act. This is welcome news.

"If you know of any vehicles that are being stayed in over-night, please tell the police at [email protected]

"Please also contact me at [email protected] and let me know what areas they are staying in so that I can follow it up with the police and with the Prime Minister’s Office."

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